Monday, May 24, 2010

statistics are bleak and getting worse

Good News! (for once)

Most environmental statistics are bleak and getting worse, but edie is reporting a 3% fall in the waste produced by households last year, and a 10% fall in the amount being sent to landfill. To put this in context, most councils plan that waste will increase by 3% each year so this is a significant turnaround and shows that the war can be won.

The edie report talks at length about various recycling initiatives, but is silent on the reasons why overall waste levels have fallen. This is a pity, as waste reduction is a hard nut to crack. I would guess it is due to (some) better designed packaging, more composting, and the fact that we're moving to buying more information, like MP3 downloads, e-books and ringtones, as opposed to their equivalent physical products, like CDs, books, newspapers etc.


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