Monday, May 24, 2010

a manageable number and opens up a range

It's That Time of Year Again....

The publication of the Green Guide to Christmas has provoked interest from the Times and The Guardian, each giving their hints and tips on how to be a little greener this year.

My biggest dilemma at this time of year is choosing presents. Nothing to do with fretting over their environmental impact, I'm afraid, just choosing presents full stop. Every year I trudge round the shops, my eyes glazing over as I try to remember what I've bought people in previous years and to spot that perfect gift. But, in line with my principle that we should see the environmental challenge as an opportunity rather than a threat, I've found in recent years that going for a green theme closes down the options to a manageable number and opens up a range of ideas you won't see on the highstreet.

If you want green gadgets, then try The Green Shop, The Centre for Alternative Technology (great for books on absolutely anything) or The Natural Collection.

The Natural Collection do a range of clothes, but they do tend towards ecru t-shirts or brightly colored 'ethnic' knits. If you're after something a bit funkier then try Howies.

Other 'eco' gift options include house or garden plants, posh organic food and drink, tickets for events (music, comedy, theatre) or cycles (I live in hope that a Brompton shaped parcel will appear under our tree).

If you want to buy a 'conventional' gift, Gooshing give eco/ethical reviews on a wide range of manufacturers.


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