Monday, May 24, 2010

Recyled packing materials

Green Home Improvement - Paints

We used the multi-award winning Ecos paints. They may not be the most eco-friendly paints on the market as they contain non-organic materials like titanium dioxide, but they are excellent.


- NO solvents (VOCs) which cause local air pollution and health problems.
- No toxic materials.
- Recyled packing materials (reused large egg boxes).
- No smell.
- Very fast drying.


- Colour range is a bit limited.
- The shades available aren't the most subtle (although we deliberately used 'Cherry Ice' which is a wonderful lipstick pink).
- Pricey...

As an illustration, we had a Christmas party 3 hours after finishing painting our living room and kitchen. In comparison, the one room we did with conventional 'low VOC' paints stank for weeks and left me feeling a bit queasy after I'd finished.


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