Sunday, May 30, 2010

I want to use

I want to use my Samsung R81 '32 LCDTV as a secondary monitor, but I still can't set the proper resolution, which is 1366x768.

I'm now going on with your method. But I got a little problem here.. Which ones do I need to choose on this stage: ? (Specifically, Display Configuration Mode & Port Order)
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Click next

Click next. Check both "Use user-defined DTDs" boxes, type Readable Port Name (the name itself has no matter), for each monitor select both DTDs, DVO Device and mark Native DTD Flag.
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File Name and select

DTDs are prepared, you a ready to proceed with "New Configuration" now. Enter the Configuration File Name and select your Platform Chipset, disable the Display Detection. Select appropriate Display Configuration Mode. If you are going to use the external monitor as secondary one, your option is Dual Independent Head. The Port Order in this case is LVDS (1st, corresponds to laptop's display) and CRT (2nd, it is for external monitor connected through VGA port). In case you connect monitor using DVI, then instead of CRT take one DVO, not sure which one, you are free to experiment). Anyway if you are to use two monitors, the main one should have its port at the first line in Port Order. I was forced to use the same CRT as main and only monitor in my system, so my configurations were:
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Install it using defaults

Install it using defaults, run iegd-ced.exe. Press New DTD. Now you supposed to enter specific technical parameters of the monitor you a going to use. Here I provide you with DTD for 1680x1050 and 1440x900 resolutions for 226cw. If you have another LCD you obviously need another data. You can google it using your monitor's model name and "Modeline" word. Modeline gives the same parameters in different format. The common Modeline looks like this: Modeline "1440x900@60.00" 106.47 1440 1520 1672 1904 900 901 904 932 -HSync +Vsync. This one for resolution 1440x900 at 60 Hz. I guess you are really don't care what does other numbers mean, so I just show you how transfer Modeline values to DTD:
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Make 1680x1050 and 1440x900 resolution available on Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Chipset


A couple of days ago I purchased a shiny new SyncMaster 226cw monitor to replace broken display on my friend’s laptop (which he kindly lent me, so I could work at home sometimes). After installing fresh MS Windows copy using the 226cw connected through VGA (CRT) port (actually it was only way I found to set output to external monitor as default option for normally staring Windows), I was realized what there is no way to set native 1680x1050 resolution for 226cw even after latest SyncMaster drivers were installed. And here the quest began...

There was no problem to figure out what the trouble is in the graphical chipset which is Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME. But it was unclear how to overcome this and is it possible at all. Intel has this problem solved only in more new chipsets – no straight way to fix. Fortunately I found this discussion and this article. And by the way the problem was almost solved, but almost only. There was still one unknown artifact, so called Modeline or DTD from 226cw. At last I found one suitable. So now I can describe how to force 852/855 chipset to work properly with your monitor's native resolution
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Monday, May 24, 2010

offset projects is suspect

Last month the Advertising Standards Agency upbraided the Scottish and Southern Energy Group for a promise to plant trees to offset the emissions from their activities which they couldn't substantiate.

Beyond the ranting and raving, the central criticisms of carbon offsetting appear to be:

- They allow us to consume more without feeling guilty, buying off our pollution while pursuing business as usual.

- They deflect attention from the real problem which is over consumption.

- The effectiveness of the offset projects is suspect, particularly those in the third world.

To explore these arguments further, follow the links above, but in part two on this subject, I will present the case for the defence!
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uch recent interest

Is Carbon Offsetting a Con? The Prosecution Case

There has been much recent interest in 'carbon offsetting' - the idea that companies and individuals can ‘offset’ their carbon dioxide emissions by buying into low carbon projects such as renewables, energy efficiency and, most controversially, tree planting.

George Monbiot certainly does not mince his words when it comes to offset schemes. Writing in the Guardian, he likened offsetting to the 15th Century Dutch practice of paying for God’s pardon for crimes such as incest, lying or murder.

Back in July, the right-on magazine New Internationalist dedicated a whole issue, entitled “CO2NNED!”, to a demolition job on the offsetting industry, presenting their case with all the subtlety of a tabloid newspaper pursuing a suspected paedophile.
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th the 'Green Fund' schemes,

If you want a 'Green Supply' scheme, the trick is making sure you are not paying extra for electricity the companies should be generating anyway under the rules. Otherwise you are wasting your money.

This includes a 'green' generator selling ROCs to others as well as charging you the premium - because again this is double counting. According to Friends of the Earth the company should 'retire' (ie tear up) the ROCs on electricity sold under a green tariff, so the green energy you buy is always additional to what the industry should generate anyway.

Likewise with the 'Green Fund' schemes, you need to be sure that the investment is additional to the energy company's ordinary investment plans - otherwise you will just be contributing to their profits.


Fortunately the The Green Electricity Marketplace rates and ranks schemes in your area. They only recommend tariffs which go above and beyond their renewable obligation. There are other sites who can do the comparison, but they don't always make this clear.

As a result of researching this piece, I'm going to have to check out my own supplier, Juice, as they don't retire ROCs...
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Last year this was

Switching to Green Electricity? It's a ROCky road...

I could say that one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to a 'green electricity tariff'. Unfortunately it is not quite so simple...

There are two types of green tariff:

1. "Green Supply" - you purchase electricity which is guaranteed to come from a renewable source.

2. "Green Fund" - you pay a premium which is invested in building new renewable energy projects.

Straightforward so far?

However, every electricity generator is obliged to generate a certain amount from renewable sources (the Renewable Obligation). Last year this was 5.5% and it should go up to 15% by 2015. If a generator falls short of this, they have to buy certificates (called ROCs - short for Renewable Obligation Certificates) from someone who generates more than their obligation.
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statistics are bleak and getting worse

Good News! (for once)

Most environmental statistics are bleak and getting worse, but edie is reporting a 3% fall in the waste produced by households last year, and a 10% fall in the amount being sent to landfill. To put this in context, most councils plan that waste will increase by 3% each year so this is a significant turnaround and shows that the war can be won.

The edie report talks at length about various recycling initiatives, but is silent on the reasons why overall waste levels have fallen. This is a pity, as waste reduction is a hard nut to crack. I would guess it is due to (some) better designed packaging, more composting, and the fact that we're moving to buying more information, like MP3 downloads, e-books and ringtones, as opposed to their equivalent physical products, like CDs, books, newspapers etc.
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a manageable number and opens up a range

It's That Time of Year Again....

The publication of the Green Guide to Christmas has provoked interest from the Times and The Guardian, each giving their hints and tips on how to be a little greener this year.

My biggest dilemma at this time of year is choosing presents. Nothing to do with fretting over their environmental impact, I'm afraid, just choosing presents full stop. Every year I trudge round the shops, my eyes glazing over as I try to remember what I've bought people in previous years and to spot that perfect gift. But, in line with my principle that we should see the environmental challenge as an opportunity rather than a threat, I've found in recent years that going for a green theme closes down the options to a manageable number and opens up a range of ideas you won't see on the highstreet.

If you want green gadgets, then try The Green Shop, The Centre for Alternative Technology (great for books on absolutely anything) or The Natural Collection.

The Natural Collection do a range of clothes, but they do tend towards ecru t-shirts or brightly colored 'ethnic' knits. If you're after something a bit funkier then try Howies.

Other 'eco' gift options include house or garden plants, posh organic food and drink, tickets for events (music, comedy, theatre) or cycles (I live in hope that a Brompton shaped parcel will appear under our tree).

If you want to buy a 'conventional' gift, Gooshing give eco/ethical reviews on a wide range of manufacturers.
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Recyled packing materials

Green Home Improvement - Paints

We used the multi-award winning Ecos paints. They may not be the most eco-friendly paints on the market as they contain non-organic materials like titanium dioxide, but they are excellent.


- NO solvents (VOCs) which cause local air pollution and health problems.
- No toxic materials.
- Recyled packing materials (reused large egg boxes).
- No smell.
- Very fast drying.


- Colour range is a bit limited.
- The shades available aren't the most subtle (although we deliberately used 'Cherry Ice' which is a wonderful lipstick pink).
- Pricey...

As an illustration, we had a Christmas party 3 hours after finishing painting our living room and kitchen. In comparison, the one room we did with conventional 'low VOC' paints stank for weeks and left me feeling a bit queasy after I'd finished.
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