Friday, April 1, 2011

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws

Follow the state laws in  PA Car Insurance to be sure you're meeting the minimum requirements.
Like any other state, the state of Pennsylvania has laws that govern car insurance. As a driver in Pennsylvania, you must be aware of the financial responsibility law motor vehicle and if you are not, this law is responsible for deciding the level of auto insurance cover you must get for your car, in order for you to be eligible to drive in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, it is meant to protect you as an insured driver from the drivers that are not insured while on the road. The failure to get an insurance cover for your car will result in legal consequences such as the suspension of your driver’s license and your vehicle registration.

There is the car liability insurance cover that pays for any damages caused in accidents that you are responsible for causing. In particular, you are required to get a liability insurance cover that protects from the damage of property and any injury to the body. As a driver in Pennsylvania, you must pay a minimum of $15,000 to cover property damage and for body injury. In addition, a minimum amount of $30,000 for every accident caused. These are just the minimum amounts required for the liability by the state but you can get more even for your house and personal assets as you wish. Being injured in an a car accident can be fatal and at the same, the costs incurred in getting treatment for a victim of a car accident can be devastating both for you and your family.

Therefore, the State of Pennsylvania has a law that provides for the first party coverage. It is essentially for taking care of the medical bills and expenses in the event you are involved in a car accident. For this type of insurance, the minimum amount that a driver is required to pay is $5000. It is important to note that it is different from your health insurance as it only pays for your medical bills after an accident has occurred.

When it comes to suing for damages of a car accident, you will find the limited and full tort, which are meant to protect your car insurance. For the limited tort, you are only limited to sue in certain situations but are mostly exclusive. For instance, when you have the limited tort you are allowed to get compensation for unpaid hospital bills and other out of pocket expenses. However, in limited tort you cannot be paid for damages such as pain and suffering. For the full tort, you are assured to get the unlimited ability to sue for damages incurred in an accident. Although the full tort has a higher premium cost than the limited tort. Therefore, for the limited tort the insurance company has a lower risk than the full tort. It is important for you to note that by having and marinating a car insurance demonstrates your financial capability to be a driver as well as having the technical know how or experience of driving as required by the state of Pennsylvania car insurance laws. Get PA Car Insurance at Much Lower Prices.


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